ESG focused company

Hartshead is proud to be developing an impactful ESG strategy that applies across the entire business – building value for our stakeholders while delivering gas to the European market

ESG Strategy

Hartshead are focused on developing an ESG strategy that is relevant and achievable.

We will continue to develop and evolve our ESG strategy as our company grows to ensure it remains integral to all we do. We firmly believe that establishing an ESG strategy and starting to integrate it now, as a young company, will help us to nurture a fully ESG-aware culture in our organisation.

Through our process to date, involving a thorough Materiality Assessment utilising the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) 11, oil & gas sector-specific recommendations, we have identified 3 key pillars of focus, but recognise significant overlap as part of our business ecosystem:

  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Partner of Choice
  • Strong Governance

Material topics

To ensure our ESG strategy is relevant and impactful, we carried out an in-depth review of our material topics utilising the GRI 11: Oil and Gas 2021 Sector Standard. This is the first step to ensure Hartshead can become fully aligned with the GRI protocols in the future, including our intention to transparently report on our activities.

Following the materiality assessment, we selected the most relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) that align with our material topics and business impacts.

As our company is currently in its initial growth phase, we are committed to regularly reviewing the material topics as our operations evolve over the coming years. We plan to engage a representative range of our stakeholders during our development planning in order to revise and update the material topics as required. This enables our ESG strategy to grow as Hartshead grows.

Our ESG Vision and Goals align with our Core Values

Hartshead have defined five core values which guide how we do business:

  • act fairly and ethically;
  • comply with the law at all times and act accordingly;
  • respect others, both inside and outside of our workplace;
  • promote diversity; and
  • be honest and transparent in our dealings

As these core values form a framework to guide our business we have chosen to integrate these into our three ESG strategic pillars: Environmental Stewardship, Partner of Choice, and Strong Governance.

To further develop this, we have defined our visions and specific goals for delivering a meaningful ESG strategy based on the foundation of our core values and strategic pillars, which are represented in the figure below. As our company grows and moves through to the development and operational phase, so our goals will be developed to ensure our progress is trackable and impactful within the full ESG spectrum.

We are currently working to define relevant and specific measurable targets to enable us to monitor, report, and continually improve our performance to realise our aspirations.

We are proud to follow a well-considered set of governance statements and policies to ensure we operate with integrity and fairness, whilst honouring our core values. These can be viewed here. 

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